Auspicious Apparatus Press is the publishing imprint of independent editor Todd Barselow. We will be publishing full length works of fiction with an emphasis on the action/adventure/comedy steampunk genre. We will also be considering for publication novels in the following genres: murder mystery, detective/police procedurals, psychological suspense/terror, and certain horror works. 

Each work that we choose to publish will have three editions: e-book, paperback, and audiobook. We will also be acquiring audio rights to books which we are not publishing in e-book or paperback formats so that we may offer more audiobook selections to our readers. 

We plan to publish four to six books per year and perhaps twice as many audiobooks. For those who are interested in submitting work for consideration, please see the Submissions tab above. 

We will be offering small but respectable advances as well as higher than industry standard royalties to our authors.