Greg Wilkey is the first member of the AAP family. He is the author of THE LIFE AND UNDEATH OF MORTIMER DRAKE series and the NEITHER NOR series. We are please to announce the release of the audiobook edition of Greg's first book,  GROWING UP DEAD, which can be found here:

Here's what acclaimed novelist Anne Rice had to say about Greg:

"Greg Wilkey is a writer to watch. His suspenseful Mortimer Drake teen vampire novels delight male as well as female readers, and Greg's imagination and storytelling have enchanted fans young and old. I applaud Greg's immense talent and his willingness to go it alone as an indie published author. Obviously word of mouth is bringing the intrepid Mortimer Drake to new readers every day. Many a New York published writer would be grateful for Greg's ever increasing sales." --- Anne Rice, author of Interview with the Vampire

Greg has a website which can be found here and he also has a Facebook page. Greg was the recipient of the Indierecon LIVE Best YA Author of 2014.  


Laura Dasnoit's ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN XOEY will be published on July 15, 2016. Laura has a website which can be found here. She also has a Facebook  page and a Twitter page.