Have you published a novel--either through self publishing or through a traditional publisher--and still control the audio rights? Are you interested in seeing your novel get an audio edition? If so, we can help you out using Amazon's ACX and Audible platforms. 


Producing an audiobook from your work isn't as difficult as you might think, particularly when utilizing the ACX platform. And you can do so with no out-of-pocket expense when you choose to accept a royalty split deal with a narrator, which is what we at AAP will be doing. The process of audio narration is time consuming and this is, we believe, why many choose not to exercise their audio rights and produce audiobooks of their works. You can do this on your own and earn a higher royalty rate than you would if you allow us to do it for you. That's the simple truth. 

If you'd rather let us handle the process for you, we would be glad to. Under the current royalty structure at Audible, they take a 60% cut of the sale price of each audiobook. That leaves 40% which is then split between the narrator and the audio rights holder (20% for each party). The publisher's take is then split with the author 50/50. So you, the author, end up earning a 10% royalty as opposed to a 20% royalty if you were to invest the time to work with a narrator on your own. You also have to take into consideration that Audible/ACX require a 7 year contract which in turn means that we will ask for an 8 year contract (since it can take anywhere from a few weeks to months to produce a quality audiobook). Amazon/Audible also set the retail price of the audiobook and we as the publisher have no control over that whatsoever. The audiobook will be available for purchase via Amazon, Audible, and iTunes.

If after the full disclosure here you are still interested in working with us to see your work get an audio edition, please email us at editor@apparatuspress.com with the Amazon link to your book so that we may evaluate whether it would be a good candidate for us or not. If we think it's something we can work with to create an outstanding audio edition, we will offer you a contract. You have the option of receiving a small advance ($25 or less, depending on length of work) or forgoing the advance and receiving royalties from day one of sales. We generally pay advances in the third week of the month; if you choose to forgo an advance you'll be offered a contract immediately.

Here are a few samples of the audiobooks we've published. Links to the books on Amazon are included below each sound sample.