Auspicious Apparatus Press is pleased to welcome Linda Pendleton for a short interview. Linda is the author of numerous works, both fiction and non-fiction, including several books with her late husband, Don Pendleton. She can be found on the web on Twitter, her blog, and on her website


Where did your love of reading and writing come from?

It's always been there since I was young, and I'm sure my father was a big influence.  He was an avid reader, and hardly an evening would go by without his having a book in his hands. 

Is there one particular author or book that influenced you when you were younger, and if so, how did that influence or shape who you are as a writer today?

The nonfiction book, There is a River: The Edgar Cayce Story, influenced and enhanced my interest in metaphysics, reincarnation and the paranormal.  Years later, I penned a book with my husband Don titled, To Dance With Angels, which was the first of several nonfiction books I have written on spirit communication and life after death.  I also write mystery and crime novels and I often say I write about flying angels...and flying bullets.  

Have you ever attended any writing workshops or seminars, and if so, did you find them helpful?

It has been many years since I attended any writers' conferences, but each time I did attend, I enjoyed listening to authors, such as Alex Haley, Sidney Sheldon, Elmore Leonard, Sue Grafton. Charles Schultz, and others.  I found each of those authors to be inspiring and motivational.  I always enjoyed the nice social energy of people with common interest.

Why do you write?

To satisfy my creative drive.  I love writing.  I love the inspirational flow and have a desire to allow the creativity to have an avenue to find its proper place–expressed on the written page, and to be shared.   Often in that sharing, readers are inspired, and that makes writing so worthwhile.    

If you could collaborate with another author, who would it be and why?

I don't have plans to collaborate with anyone as I've already been lucky enough to have collaborated with my late husband, Don Pendleton.  We loved working together on our nonfiction, on comic adaptations, and on our crime novel, Roulette: The Search for the Sunrise Killer.  I learned so much about writing from him.   He was a master at his craft and a great teacher.  Aspiring writers may find our book, The Metaphysics of the Novel, The Inner Workings of a Novel and a Novelist, helpful. 

Can you tell us about memorable interactions you've had with readers of your work.

The response to our book To Dance With Angels has been wonderful over the years and always so heartwarming.  The book was first published in 1990, and I continue to receive comments from readers how that book is life-changing.  The hundreds of letters in those earlier days were so nice to receive.  My follow-up book to that, Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom, has also inspired many.  That is what is so wonderful about writing—knowing our books inspire others. That really is what writing is all about. 

Do you have a favorite local bookstore?

I don't shop at bookstores and haven't for years.  I purchase all my books  at Amazon.  And Amazon is also where I publish all my print and ebooks, many, exclusively.   

How often do you read new authors?  Any you'd like to recommend?

I don't read many novels as most of my reading is nonfiction.  I would recommend the psychological novels of Andrew E. Kaufman.  His latest novel, Twisted, is coming in April, from Amazon's Thomas & Mercer.  I'd also recommend novels by Robert Gregory Browne, J Carson Black, and of course, the books of my late husband, Don Pendleton: Joe Copp Mystery Series; the Ashton Ford Psychic Detective Series; and the original Executioner: Mack Bolan Series of 37 novels (ebooks). 

Physical books or ebooks?  Everyone has a preference...what's yours?

It would depend on the book.  If it happens to be nonfiction and a book I might want for reference, I would probably buy print. But in most cases, it would be an ebook.  I use the Kindle free app on my computer more often than I use my Kindle reader or Kindle Fire.  I'm so used to reading my manuscripts from my full-screen monitor that I'm comfortable with that.  


Linda Pendleton has written in a variety of genres: nonfiction, mystery novels, comic book scripting, and screenplays. As she often says, "My writing goes from flying angels to flying bullets!" Her life-long interest in metaphysics and the paranormal influences her writing. She coauthored nonfiction and fiction with her late husband, renowned author, Don Pendleton, including the popular nonfiction book, To Dance With Angels, and Whispers From the Soul.

Among her nonfiction books are Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom; and A Walk Through Grief, the story of her journey of grief following the death of her husband, Don Pendleton. Don Pendleton was known as the "father of the Action Adventure genre" and was creator of the best-selling The Executioner: Mack Bolan series, which celebrated in 2009 its 40th year in ongoing publications. Don and Linda adapted and scripted the first Executioner novel, War Against the Mafia to comic, and following Don's death Linda adapted and scripted the second Executioner novel, Death Squad to graphic comic. 

Linda's fiction includes her new Catherine Winter Mystery Series: Shattered Lens, Catherine Winter, Private Investigator; and Fractured Image, Catherine Winter, Private Investigator; the suspense novel, The Unknown; a suspense thriller, Sound of Silence; an historical Civil War Period novel, Corn Silk Days, Iowa, 1862; and Roulette: The Search for the Sunrise Killer by Don Pendleton and Linda Pendleton. All are at Kindle and in Print. A number of her books are exclusive with Amazon and in the KDP and Prime program. 

She also has published nonfiction e-courses, e-books, and numerous articles with Self-Healing Expressions and their sister website, 

A native Californian, Linda is a former member of The Authors Guild and The Authors League. 

Although most of her time is devoted to her love of writing, including blogging, she also enjoys the exploration of her family's genealogical roots.