Attention all fans of Greg Wilkey’s Mortimer Drake series!

Auspicious Apparatus Press is publishing an omnibus of the first four Mortimer Drake novels this October. We’re looking to make this a unique experience for readers, and as such we’ll be including a fair amount of never-before-seen material, some written by Greg himself and some written by others who shall remain nameless at this time.

We also want to include you, the fans, in this. We’re specifically looking for fan art of Mortimer Drake or any of the characters in the books. This art can be book specific (e.g. a certain scene from one of the books) or it can be from the series as a whole. We want to see your interpretations of Mortimer and crew.

***The technical details***

All artwork submitted must be black and white and should be in .jpg format.

Submissions should be emailed to no later than September 1, 2015. PLEASE DO NOT POST SUBMISSIONS ONLINE (on Greg’s page or AAP’s page or anywhere else)! These images should be never-before-seen works and posting them online defeats that. If you post your submissions online, they will not be considered for inclusion.

Those who submit artwork must be willing to sign a waiver for Auspicious Apparatus Press to use said artwork in this publication. No monetary compensation will be given, however, a free ebook copy of the omnibus will be given to those whose artwork is chosen for inclusion. Attribution will be given to the artist in the book as well as on AAP’s website and social media channels.

We look forward to seeing your visions of Mortimer and crew!