To receive a quote, please submit a sample of 1500 words (preferably of the manuscript to be edited) in a Word .doc to and I'll get back to you ASAP. In your email, please include the anticipated final word count for use in formulating a quote. If your final word count differs, any additional words will be charged at the agreed upon rate once the editing work is completed. Should your final word count be less than anticipated, no refund of the overage amount shall be issued, however, the overage amount can and will be applied to future editing work. 

Price for line editing service starts at $5.00 per thousand words ($0.005 per word) and goes up from there, topping out at around $10.00 per thousand words ($0.01). Service includes line editing and proofreading; I also use an independent contractor to further proofread so there is a second set of eyes on the work. 

Developmental editing starts at $10 per thousand words ($0.01 per word) and tops out at about $25 per thousand words ($0.025) and also includes line editing and proofreading once the developmental edit is complete. 

Please note that my acceptance of editing work on your behalf does not mean that I will be publishing your work or that I will be offering you a contract for such. 

For questions, or to request a quote or references, email