Auspicious Apparatus Press is pleased to welcome Sharon Gibbs for a quick interview. Sharon is the author of  Bound to Survive (The Magic Within Book 1)She can be found on the web on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, on her website, and on the Independent Author Network

Tell us a bit about your chosen genre. Do you feel your strength as a writer is within one specific genre or do you dabble in a number of different genres?

I love the world of fantasy. To be able to create a world, characters and events from my imagination is incredible. I love how fantasy is such an open writing plain and anything is possible, from imaginary creatures to mystical magical adventures. We can create anything we can imagine. As a writer still developing my talent my preferred genre is fantasy but I am also writing children's stories. Strange mix I know but I love it.

Is there one particular author or book that influenced you when you were younger, and if so, how did that influence shape who you are as a writer today?

I wasn't influenced to write when I was younger. Growing up I loved to read mystery series; my favorites were The Trixie Belden Series and Five Go to Mystery Moor

As an adult, I mainly read Romance and Historical romance dabbling here and there reading other genres until about five years ago when I was given Wizards First Rule by Terry Goodkind. I absolutely fell in love with the first few books and it wasn't until a few years ago that I began to write. Now I read all genres and have a greater appreciation for the words written. The more I read the more I learn and there is something to learn from every book.

Physical books or ebook? Everyone has a preference...what's yours? 

I can't deny that I love a physical book. The smell of the pages, the weight in my hands, and the way you can curl up with a book is the most incredible feeling. On the other hand, ebooks are affordable and give us the ability to easily purchase work from new authors and there are some amazing Indie authors out there. I feel both have an important role to play. 

A simple question: why do you write?

I write because I love it. It's an awesome experience, the way the story unravels never ceases to amaze me. I might start writing a chapter with one idea in mind and then the characters take the lead and do their own thing. It makes it fun and keeps you wanting to write to find out what's going to happen.

Do you buy new or used books, or both?

I buy both new and used books. If it's a new release that I've been waiting for I'll pop down to the bookstore. If it's a book that has been in circulation for a while or I want to find something new to read I drop into my local book exchange and search around. 

Thanks for having me here Todd and happy reading everyone.

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Sharon Gibbs (1969) was born in Yorkshire U.K. and immigrated with her parents to Australia in August 1971. It took until her children were grown and flown from the nest to discover her love for writing.

After being given a book from a friend Sharon, fell in love with the world of fantasy. Working full time at the local hospital, she writes when she can.

Sharon has also begun writing a selection of children's books. She lives in Adelaide South Australia on a small property with her husband and their four dogs.